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Ask us About

  • Why the heck we decided to create TASTE in the first place?

  • Who did we film? Why? What's their story?

  • Anything! We're all about revealing true stories - including ourselves. The good. The bad. And the delicious.


Say hi. We'd love to share our story with you.


— Craig Knizek, producer of THE SIMPSONS
Smart. Exemplary. And a future master.
— Chef Martin Yan, YAN CAN COOK, PBS
TASTE is incredible filmmaking!
I wanna see this at movie theaters ... this sooo deserves to be celebrated!
— Stefan Trautsch, Freshheit Food Blog

"About taste" Slide DecK

An in-depth explanation of TASTE - with lots of pretty pictures, of course.

Download: PHOTOS & LOGOS

High-resolution photos and logos from TASTE. See our gallery for more photos.

about TASTE Kickstarter

Includes a quick blurb, full press release story & sample twitter posts. (MS Word Version)

Notable Milestones of the TASTE KICKSTARTER campaign

July 13th - TASTE Kickstarter Campaign gets coveted "Kickstarter Staff Pick" in less than an hour after launching.

July 15th - TASTE gets featured in one of the largest food magazine communities in the country. Article here.

July 22nd - The TASTE Kickstarter Campaign is 100% funded in less than 10 days after launching. 

Non-Kickstarter Milestones can be found on our Facebook page. Thank you for joining us on this journey - let's make history!

Sneak preview episode of TASTE.

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Let's Chat!